Can You Stand The Rain?

This, my first ever Outfit Of The Day, has quite a funny story behind it. Basically, I got dressed in kind of gloomy, neutral colors (’cause that’s how I roll), even though the weather outside was absolutely beautiful. I mean old-school-Windows-2000-background beautiful. Then, I got this bright idea to take advantage of the lovely weather by asking my friend if she’d snap some pictures of me in a nearby park, which is even more beautiful. But by the time I finished getting dressed, doing my makeup, and driving to my friend’s house to scoop her up, it was not only raining cats and dogs, but also striking lightning like once every five seconds within what seemed like a few miles of our houses and the park! So, we ended up trying to dodge raindrops on her back porch to get the shots.

Apparently taking OOTD pictures is a dirty job!


Levi Denim Jacket (Men’s), Thrifted | Mossimo Maxi Skirt, Target | Striped Cropped Shirt, Forever 21 (Old) | Merona Ankle Strap Sandals, Target | Gold Ring, H&M (Old) | Bracelet, Thrifted

Turns out my outfit matched the weather perfectly. In my opinion, you can almost never go wrong with black, brown, or blue jean. And the gold accessories helped to give me a some muted shine. The ring came in a pack of five, and the bracelet just happened to have those cool wine-colored links to add some character. The sandals are literally some of the most comfortable ankle-strap sandals I’ve found. And the cream, faux snake strap not only added texture, but also picked up on the cream and brown in my top. Overall, I can’t complain about the weather too much, because the look worked out. And after the storm, there was a rainbow!


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