Poll It Up, Poll It Up!

If Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has taught me anything, it’s that asking your audience for assistance is almost never a bad idea. So, I’ve decided to enlist your help on a decision. Thanks to Gal Meets Glam and ShoeMint, I recently won a free pair of shoes up to $79.98, (which could not be more perfect, because I almost never buy shoes and I can’t remember the last time I dropped that much on a pair). Problem is, the ShoeMint site is just crawling with gorgeous footwear, so I can’t decide on the perfect pair. That’s why I need your help. I’m going to post the shoes I’m hopelessly stuck between, and I want you all to vote on which pair I should select.

But before I ask you to choose, you should know a few things about my style habits. Like I mentioned in my first post, I’m not a huge heel-wearer. I’ve been 5’8″ since literally the 8th grade; so, while everyone else was learning to rock stilettos, I was trying to hide my height. As a result, it’s a little difficult for me to sport anything over (or even up to) four inches tall. None of the shoes on this list are super high for that reason. Also, I have a love/hate relationship with open-toed shoes. I have plenty in my closet, but I only really wear a few pairs in heavy rotation. So, I’m always worried about buying them.

And lastly, I probably should have posted more OOTDs so that you guys could get a good feel for my personal style, to help you make your decision. But then, I feel like whichever pair of shoes I pick will contribute even more to that personal style in one way or the other. In order to help you visualize a little bit better, I’ve decided to style each of the choices. That way, you’re picking between potential outfits, and not just shoes. That should make the decision a little easier, right? Welp, I’m trusting you guys. Help a sista out.

Kali, Shoemint.com

The Kali (I assume it’s pronounced “KAY-lee”) is a quirky, yet elegant shoe. It’s a sleek, pointed-toe loafer with a rosy, metallic hue. I haven’t yet been brazen enough to sport any shiny shoes past the usual patent leather, but I think this one would be a nice departure from everything else I have. Perfect for drinks after work with the girls, a super stylish office party, or even a date (with some fashion-forward fellow who would understand them, of course), I would pair the Kali with a relatively muted ensemble, like a pair of Dorothy Perkins straight leg trousers and a sheer ASOS blouse, with matte gold embellishments. Anything too bright or busy would overpower the already eye-catching shoe and make it look more 4Loko than Moscato


The Charlie is a somewhat girly shoe, which is different than the majority of shoes I own. It features aslight wooden wedge, a basket-woven cutout pattern, a pointed toe and scalloped edges.  The Charlie attracted me for two reasons: 1) I really need a brown flat shoe, and 2) I’m trying to girl up my wardrobe a bit. I picture these shoes on a lunch date with a Forever 21 top and a flowery ASOS skirt, or just on a casual afternoon. Although the outfit I styled is a bit busy, with polka dots and floral prints, I think adding simple accessories and beauty products like a nude-coral lip color and plain white watch works to balance out the look. All of the busyness even gives the Charlie a Zooey-Deschanel-in-NewGirl kind of flare.


The Elloise is a strappy, nubuck wedge loaded with versatility. The coral color would pop with a neutral nighttime outfit, but it’s not too loud to transition into daytime. I chose a brown, taupe, red-orange and blue color story, with accents of gold; the texture and color of the shoe made me think of clay and water. I fell in love with this ASOS paisley print skater dress, and love how effortlessly it goes with the Elloise. I then pulled rich brown and red accessories (even down to the eyeliner and mascara bottle), and finished off with some gold and blue touches. I added the denim jacket from Gap because jean jackets always tend to relax a look without making it too slouchy. This shoe would most likely be worn during a day of shopping and hanging out downtown or in the park, something I’ve been wanting to do a lot of this summer.


Last on my list of choices is the Milly. The black leather cutout ankle boot has gold detailing on the buckles, toe and heel. My first instinct was to pair this shoe with a pair of high-waisted jeans, a white t-shirt and a black motorcycle jacket; but I thought that might be too cliche. So I went with a gorgeous, scarf print shirt dress from ASOS and simple gold accessories. The dress is so attention-grabbing, that I’m afraid it might distract from the smokin’ Milly. But then, it could also be more of a one-two-punch, which is always a good time. It’s edgy, it’s trendy, it’s classic, and I could rock it in year-round. Ideally, I would wear something like this on a night out. The look is androgynous, but still sexy. And the red lips would be icing on the cake.

So, there you have it. My credit will only cover one of these gorgeous shoes. And I want you to help me decide which one. Because I’m just so in love with them all, I may have to come back and buy another one of these pair out of pocket. (And if you’d like to know more information about any of the items in the look layouts, or more information about ShoeMint, let me know in the comments.) Vote below!

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