I don’t know if there is anything that inspires me more than music (which is why almost all of my posts are named after songs). Bruno Mars’ latest “Treasure” and the video are absolutely adorable to me. They make me want to tie up some rollerskates, do a few laps around the rink with my hair feathered out like the late Ms. Fawcett, and ultimately create a styled look. So here it is! Let me know what you think about the look and the video, which I’ll post below. Enjoy!

When I was styling this, I was paying more attention to the song than the video, which is probably why the color palettes vary. But when I saw this tie-dyed top from Forever 21, it immediately inspired me to stick to warm, sunset-like oranges, blues, purples and pinks. I really wanted to include a pair of hotpants in this look, and these polka dots ones from Topshop were just the right balance between quirky, retro and cute. The fringe bag (Target), tube socks (American Apparel) and round-framed glasses (Forever 21) added other vintage era touches to the look. But my absolute favorite part of this outfit is the lavender skates. They’re available at Urban Outfitters for a solid three bills, but aren’t they worth it?! Super cute!


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