Isabel Marant x H&M Is Here

The PR wannabe in me always loves it when a high-end fashion house designs for a fast-fashion brand, because it’s like getting a care package of goodies right before Finals Week. It reminds us that they’re listening and that they care. And it challenges this notion that fashion can’t be accessible, wearable and affordable.  When you see a Jessica Alba or a Solange wearing the same Phillip Lim x Target piece as your favorite style blogger (or yourself), it sends a message to consumers that all of those gossip mags have been trying to tell us for years: famous people are just like us!

French designer Isabel Marant has teamed up with H&M to create a collection that will literally be flying off the shelves this holiday season. It’s clean yet fun, structured yet bohemian, simple yet opulent. And it’s perfect for the office Christmas party, a warm night in, snagging those Black Friday buys or watching the ball drop.

While some of the pieces from the Isabel Marant x H&M collection are extremely affordable, others are just a stone’s throw out of my price range. So, I’ve put together a few looks that pair some of my favorite items with other, less expensive ones. Mixing high and low has turned into more of a movement than a trend, and doing so allows you to get the most wear out of even the most pricy pieces.

Isabel Marant x H&M: Let's Chill

Let’s Chill: I love that loungewear is now fashionable. And I was immediately drawn to these tapered sweatpants ($59.95). What makes them so perfect is their versatility. The dark, almost marled material upgrades them from just a plain old pair of sweats. And, with  high-top Converses, a Boohoo open knit cardigan and a loose white tank ($29.95), the look is subdued, but still very stylish. I accessorized with some simple jewelry from Threadsence, an H&M backpack, and a bright red skull cap from Forever 21. This is a great fit for running errands the day before Thanksgiving, darting through the Black Friday crowds or flying home for Christmas.

Isabel Marant x H&M: Classic Casual

Classic Casual: This effortless look centers around a gorgeous, ribbon-tied blazer ($149) and golden scarf ($34.95). The two high-quality pieces dress bring a luxurious feel to an otherwise simple ensemble, made up of Dorothy Perkins skinnies, Forever 21 wedge booties and a cable-knit sweater from Gap. To that, I added a simple gold necklace from Forever 21 (because I love tucking jewelry behind scarves) and a large burgundy tote from Lulu’s. All of these parts combine to create a look that is timeless, but also eye-catching. The red and gold remind me of Christmas morning, which is the perfect occasion for this outfit.

Isabel Marant x H&M: All Work No Play

All Work No Play: In addition to shopping, traveling and partying, work parties are always a must during the holiday season. These sequined and studded heels ($199) are sensible, but still give off some shine. I paired them with a satin H&M blouse, some tapered pants from Topshop and this patterned, zip-up blazer by Romwe. Muted tones are always welcome in the office, but that doesn’t mean the look has to be boring. The print in the jacket and the sequin in the shoe draw attention, while everything else remains conservative. To finish, I added stacked rings from Forever 21, Juicy Couture stud earrings, and this boxy Zara bag.

Isabel Marant x H&M: Rebel In Red

Rebel In Red: This look is for everybody who got a lump of coal in their stocking. These printed biker jeans ($99), with detailing at the knees and hem, are impossible to miss. When pitted against this flowy, drop hem blouse from Topshop and Zara ankle strap sandals, they are sexy and daring, but still girly. To top off the look, I added this moto-trench and chunky chain from Forever 21, and a bucket bag from Zara. This is what a Carmen Jones, Betty Rizzo or Cindi Mayweather might wear during the holidays.

Isabel Marant x H&M: Glass & Glitter

Glass & Glitter: Every year, I devote about half of my Christmas shopping to finding an outfit for the NYE festivities. And this tribal, lace dress ($129) would make any countdown a special one. To play with textures, I layered it with this faux fur vest, also from H&M. And I chose accessories that mirror the shimmer and shine of Times Square. The jeweled clutch by Kimchi Blue is available at Urban Outfitters. The watch, by New Look, is from Asos. The earrings, with black details, are from Swaychic. And the silvery ankle strap pumps are from Shoemint. The only thing this look needs is some lipstick, for that midnight kiss!


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