The Love Below

This past week, much of the Midwest was frozen solid in a record snow storm. Wind chills reached the negative forties. Entire bodies of water turned to ice. And I had to scrape what felt like pounds of snow from on top of my car. But the weather got me thinking: what are the best wardrobe choices for subzero temperatures? I know the obvious choice is down-filled snowsuits that zip up to your eyelashes. But is there a way to be cute without being cold?

I say yes. You’ve heard this a thousand times before, but layering is everything. Start your outfit with a pair of long johns, a thermal, leggings or a tank top. Add a crewneck, cardigan or jacket over anything you wear. Hats, gloves and boots are a must. And don’t be afraid to double up on socks and such. The weather is also an opportunity to play with textures, colors and even technology. (Text-friendly gloves are a lifesaver.) If you dress accordingly, and fashionably, the cold doesn’t feel so bad.

All You Need Is Neutrals   Mittens, Asos | Socks, Target | Tank, H&M | Socks, Karmaloop | Beanie, F21 | Denim Shirt, J. Crew Factory | Jeans, Topshop | Boots, H&M | Coat, Zara | Sweater, H&M | Leggings, Madewell

Prints In The Snow

Scarf, Urban Outfitters | T-Shirt, New Look | Chain, Nasty Gal | Gloves, Urban Outfitters | Socks, Asos | Crewneck, Romwe | Turban Hat, Asos | Denim Jacket, Topshop | Boots, H&M | Leggings, Madewell | Riding Pants, Topshop

Warm TonesStriped Blouse, Zara | Hat, H&M | Faux Fur Scarf, Topshop | Tank, H&M | Tights, H&M | Socks, Target | Boots, Boohoo | Leather Gloves, Asos | Coat, Zara | Jacquard Trousers, Dorothy Perkins

Hopefully this slightly warmer weather will reign supreme for the rest of the winter, and we won’t have to embrace these fashion tips any time soon. But I have a feeling February is going to be brutal. So it’s best to stock up on these pieces now.

Stay cozy,



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