Introducing: The Queens of Color Series

janelle monae q.u.e.e.n.

This week, the internet is teeming with fashionista photos, beauty product buzz and red carpet glamour. Weeks like this also open up the floor for conversation about the elephant in the tent (if you will), which is the lack of diversity in fashion. For an industry that relishes cultural influences like tribal prints and exotic colors, the runways still appear pale white season after season. Some designers are better than others, but fashion is still lacking as a whole. During the Fall/Winter 2013 NYFW, 82.7% of the 4479 looks were worn by white models. Now, I understand that designers may have a certain aesthetic in mind when designing a collection, and that aesthetic is often reflected on the catwalk. But the problem arises when you have a young, African-American or Indian-Australian girl watching a “ready-to-wear” show on her mother’s computer and feeling like no designer is ready for someone like her to wear their clothes. (more…)

Orange Is The New Black

Shoes, DSW | Jeans, Forever 21 | Top, Old Navy | Necklace, H&M | Blazer, Forever 21

Shoes, DSW | Jeans, Forever 21 | Top, Old Navy | Necklace, H&M | Blazer, Forever 21

When it comes to job interviews, choosing an outfit can be tricky. It’s hard to know just how dressed up, or dressed down, to get. With this outfit, I tried to straddle the fence. I know the old saying goes, “You can never be overdressed or over-educated,” but I’ve shown up to many a casual interview in business professional attire and felt like a clown. So I tried to plan ahead by pairing some dark jeans with a black button-up. Deep, indigo-hued denim tends to appear more gussied up than light washes. And buttoned blouses transition perfectly from office to everyday wear. To add another touch of professionalism to my look, I added this tangerine-colored blazer. It’s one of my favorite pieces, because of its soft texture, cozy fit and vibrant color. I’m not usually an orange fan, but I went through a phase where I loved it and I still don’t regret this buy. (more…)

Grown Woman

I am pleased to announce that over the weekend, I celebrated my 21st birthday! While I wasn’t able to rock the same gorgeous Kenzo romper the Queen Bey has been rocking on tour, I wanted to share with you what I wore. I wish I had taken more photos of my outfits in full, but I was too busy having the time of my life! I decided to go a different route from the usual productions people tend to do for the big 2-1. Since I’m six hours away from my hometown, but only two hours away from where most of my family lives, I decided to meet my folks halfway for a nice birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. After the year I’ve had, I thought it was important to commemorate the new one with the people who have held me down (literally) since day one. I wore a classic woven button-up from Forever 21 (the same one I’d worn to the office earlier that day) and a pair of Forever 21 jeans, with my favorite Target sandals. (more…)

Dance With My Father

Yesterday (or earlier today, rather) was Father’s Day, and I am so grateful that I was able to let my Pops know how much I appreciate him. He is truly one of my best friends, and I hope that one day, I’m able to give him even a fraction of what he has given me. He is also one of the flyest dressers I know (even if I did have to beg him to let go of the fanny pack). The man is just the coolest. (more…)

Have We Met?


This post is sort of like that first day of classes when your teacher asks you to stand up in front of everyone and introduce yourself with your name and some fact about you that nobody else will ever remember. Year after year, I would slide out of my seat and rattle off my information with Cady Herron-level awkwardness, saying things like, “My name is Cicely and I’m an only child,” or “I’m Cicely, and I moved here from Missouri.” Then everyone would respond with an uninterested, “Oh, really?” and  we would move on. Then, after a few months of casual conversation with the student in the desk next to me, they might pick up on some aspect of my personality that wasn’t revealed at the beginning of the year, and decide to start waving to me in the hallways. And before long, we would be spending bus rides home becoming friends. But no matter what quirky detail about myself I revealed on the first day, it took a little time for them to really get to know me. (more…)