first post

Have We Met?


This post is sort of like that first day of classes when your teacher asks you to stand up in front of everyone and introduce yourself with your name and some fact about you that nobody else will ever remember. Year after year, I would slide out of my seat and rattle off my information with Cady Herron-level awkwardness, saying things like, “My name is Cicely and I’m an only child,” or “I’m Cicely, and I moved here from Missouri.” Then everyone would respond with an uninterested, “Oh, really?” and  we would move on. Then, after a few months of casual conversation with the student in the desk next to me, they might pick up on some aspect of my personality that wasn’t revealed at the beginning of the year, and decide to start waving to me in the hallways. And before long, we would be spending bus rides home becoming friends. But no matter what quirky detail about myself I revealed on the first day, it took a little time for them to really get to know me. (more…)