outfit of the day

Suit & Tie

  I was playing around with my camera and my (extremely poorly lit) basement room and thought I would share. I love a good jeans-and-blazer combination. I added to this one a button-up blouse, flat black boots and cateye glasses for a simple, no-fuss, business casual look. (more…)

Silver & Gold

Merry Christmas, all! I hope your holiday was full of good food, hilarious family, amazing music and unforgettable presents. Mine sure was. I didn’t leave school until the 24th, so I was overjoyed to finally be home. And I thought I would share what I wore on this particularly holy night. My outfit was simple, comfortable and festive all at once. And I paired this natural style (a day-old, pinned-up, bantu knot-out) with red lips. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. (more…)

Baby, It’s Code


On this particularly gloomy day, I thought it best to rock some cool tones. This velveteen blazer is one of my favorite thrift store finds ever, because I love the deep violet color and plush fabric. And it fits me like a glove. I layered the blazer over a simple white shirt from Target, with knit paneling at the collar. The dark jeans are from Old Navy. For jewelry, I opted for my favorite silver necklace (H&M) and a simple silver watch (Nordstrom).

I’m Coming Home Again

This past weekend was my school’s Homecoming, so I had to step it up and step out. (Little Known Fact: My university actually invented Homecoming! MIZ!) My friends and I went out Thursday and Friday night, and we had so much fun! (more…)

Sierra Leone


Here’s my outfit for the day. I was in a ‘Sierra Leone’ kind of mood. I put on a pair of tan-colored skinny jeans by Forever 21+, my leopard print Target slippers and my denim shirt (from my late Grandpa). Nothing too fancy, nothing too fussy. Just a cozy pair of jeans, some quirky flats and one of my favorite button-ups.

Grown Woman

I am pleased to announce that over the weekend, I celebrated my 21st birthday! While I wasn’t able to rock the same gorgeous Kenzo romper the Queen Bey has been rocking on tour, I wanted to share with you what I wore. I wish I had taken more photos of my outfits in full, but I was too busy having the time of my life! I decided to go a different route from the usual productions people tend to do for the big 2-1. Since I’m six hours away from my hometown, but only two hours away from where most of my family lives, I decided to meet my folks halfway for a nice birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. After the year I’ve had, I thought it was important to commemorate the new one with the people who have held me down (literally) since day one. I wore a classic woven button-up from Forever 21 (the same one I’d worn to the office earlier that day) and a pair of Forever 21 jeans, with my favorite Target sandals. (more…)