The Blueprint

The Blueprint

I’m normally a pretty neutral dresser–blacks, whites, grays, browns, denims. But every season, I find myself obsessing over a certain, unusual hue on the color wheel. This past spring, it was tangerine orange. This was especially interesting because, ever since Nickelodeon painted the screen with the plasticky pigment, I’ve hated the color orange. But I found myself inexplicably gravitating toward it in every store. I bought a bright orange blazer and an orange sleeveless top, frequently rocked coral-orange eyeshadow and nail polish, and even bought an orange lipstick.

While I was home for the weekend, I had to make a Forever 21 run. (Since the shopping in my college town is less than limited, it would be a sin not to.) And I stumbled upon this stunning Blue Man Group-colored scarf that I just had to have. I also eyeballed an electric blue cross-body bag, and some royal blue nail polish, and realized, I’ve found my shade for the season: bright, cobalt blue. (more…)

Lovers In The Parking Lot

I present to you another OOTD, this time right after work. (Well, right after a nap right after work.) The sun was going down, so I was forced to shoot on my friend’s front porch, which is why there’s an assortment of cars behind me. The setting reminded me of Solange’s song, so I figured I’d just go with it. My top, which is really a shirtdress, is from Target. My cobalt capris are from Target, by way of Goodwill. And my shoes are from Forever 21, from forever ago. (Get it? Ha!) I wasn’t wearing any special jewelry, and I found my sunglasses somewhere randomly. (more…)